March 7

Faculty members from a particular department came to the UC to be heard about some complaints against the deans of their college.  The matter was referred to the provost who recommended that a memorandum detailing the allegations be directed to the dean and to him.

Provost Britz came to the UC and described how his office has worked with CEAS and SOE to address issues that came up in their respective climate surveys.  He also relayed that international applications are steeply down, presumably because of actions of the executive branch of the national government.  Overall, however, applications for new first-year students are slightly higher than at this point last year.

The new budget for the UW system may include performance-based funding, but collecting the data needed for the likely performance metrics may require new resources.

UC Chair Reisel reported meeting with several associate deans and described to them the requirements of the new post-tenure review systems. He will be meeting with departmental chairs later this semester. It is important that this process get off on a strong start.

The UC received the approved workload policy from the division of Computer Science within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.