June 6

The meeting began with Dean Cisler of the College of Health Sciences attending to ask for guidance on the process of department chair elections.

Provost Britz attended the meeting and participated in a productive discussion regarding the role of the APBC in the campus approval matrix. There was agreement between the Provost and several committee members that it would be appropriate for the APBC to at least review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate for new programs, instead of the current information-only role that the committee has in the approval matrix.   Some members preferred that the further step be taken to make the APBC part of the approval pathway for all new programs. The provost also provided updates on the status on the SPH and L&S Dean searches, as well as the latest enrollment projections.

UC Chair Reisel discussed the upcoming Board of Regents meeting and highlighted agenda items that UC members should attend.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 21st.