January 26, 2016

We met with Provost Britz and talked about the UW System tenure and post tenure review policy, which will be taken up by the Board of Regents at their meetings in February and March. The Board Education Committee will discuss the policy at length in the February meeting. We discussed the implications of the proposed policy for dismissing faculty in case of fiscal emergency or program discontinuation, and how the effects could play out at the local level. The Regents documents as currently drafted devolve the creation of detailed procedures to the campuses. It is anticipated that once the Regents approve the policies in March, the UWM faculty will have to rewrite the current policies in UWM P&P, and the Chancellor will have to approve them and forward to the Board of Regents for their approval. We will likely discuss the draft Regents documents and the anticipated actions locally at the faculty senate on January 28.

We also discussed how the campus could capture data of scholarly activities. We identified how compiling data on individual faculty, departments, schools and the university could be aggregated for the purpose of showing research and scholarly outputs. In the past such data was compiled during the annual merit review exercises.

We heard from Kathy Miller-Dillon, the ASC representative, who gave an update of academic staff noteworthy events and concerns.