January 22, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he met with Chancellor Mone earlier in the day and discussed the AAUP resolution regarding program productivity monitoring. They have also identified a new appointee for the Chancellor’s Advisory Task Force on LGTBQ+ Issues, Gladys Mitchell-Walthour, and another for an opening on FRRC, Joe Austen.

Provost Johannes Britz reported that Stan Stojkovic will be stepping down as Dean of the HBSSW. The search and screen committee for that position will be constructed and convened in May.

The CHS search and screen committee for Dean has four finalists that are moving forward.

The CGS Dean search and screen committee will meet on Feb. 1st to begin planning.

The position description is complete for Library Director.
Gisele Durham, Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, is stepping down to take a position at George Mason University.

UW System President Ray Cross will be attending Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting. The Provost will be meeting with APBC to discuss the new budget model. He also has asked the Deans for clarification of teaching loads for academic staff, as they are sometimes unclear and vary across schools.

Academic Staff Senate Chair Kristin Roosevelt reported that the ASC has been working on workload policies across schools and colleges, highlighting the rationale for different workloads. ASC has been working with L&S to establish wording for contracts based on Chapter 104. Academic Staff Senate will be updated on new policies regarding reference checks for hires. The Hearing and Appeals Committee is looking at revamping their intake forms.

UC member John Reisel reported that the Rules Committee met last Wednesday to revise the Faculty Senate agenda for this Thursday’s meeting.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported that APBC met with the finance people last week and discussed the budgets for the school and colleges. Budgets for each school/college are tied to a metric based on enrollment and completion, and research funding.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that there are four finalists for the CHS Dean search, who will be visiting campus in February.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported that ads are developed as is position description for the Library Director search.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the College of General Studies search and screen committee will meet February 1st. Draft materials (advertising and position description) have already been distributed to committee members.