February 21

UC Chair John Reisel reported that he met with the ASC yesterday, and discussed the idea of increasing the number of Visiting Professors on campus to cover the work of regular faculty.  Both he and the ASC expressed concerns on how this may cause erosion of programs as the number of people committed to UWM long-term is reduced through temporary appointments.  In addition, all faculty are encouraged to attend the Coffee With a Cop event, next Tuesday from 9-11 AM, at the Union Grind. Faculty will be able to interact with UWM police in an informal setting, and get free coffee or hot chocolate.

The UC reviewed with Trudy Turner the state of compensation for committee work across campus and across the UW System. It is likely that compensation for UC service will be reduced next year as a result of declining UWM budgets. The UC did identify possible alternatives, which will be taken to the Chancellor for his consideration.

The UC also met with Joan Prince to discuss her plans for a campus-wide discussion to consider how students and faculty should address topics of diversity and free speech. She is looking for faculty to serve on a steering committee to help shape the events surrounding the discussion. The UC suggested several names for her to consider.