Feb 10, 2015

We discussed the morning’s all campus meeting led by the Chancellor. When the Provost visited we discussed the many questions and concerns revolving around the State’s proposed budget cuts and the proposed shift in governance models. L&S Dean Swain visited. We talked about retirements, and how to get greater visibility to UWM within the community. He next itemized the recent meetings that L&S has had, including the last L&S Faculty and Staff meeting where people vocalized their frustrations about internal communications and messaging to the public regarding this current crisis. The Dean also discussed the two ad-hoc committees he has formed: 1) to investigate the histories and structures of public authority, and 2) on media and the UW System. While L&S will be looking at restructuring and efficiencies, it was pointed out that it was already a very, very lean operation. There are concerns about who will share in the pain of the inevitable cuts. In other words, to take the cuts as we have traditionally allocated them is not acceptable. We talked about the serious problem of IT on campus, with high level L&S IT workers leaving UWM due to perceived insecurity, and UITS not able to fulfill the necessary functions that L&S needs due to lack of staffing.