Mar 11, 2014

We met with Chancellor Lovell and talked in fairly general terms about the budget and our endorsement of a pay increase for Graduate Assistants so that we are somewhat competitive in the market and more fair to the students. As… Read More

Mar 4, 2014

Academic Staff Committee (ASC) Liaison Daniel Fuhrmann briefed us on the ASC’s discussion of several Academic Staff workload issues, and further developments regarding an Academic Staff mentoring program. We also met with Vice Chancellor Joan Prince who discussed with us… Read More

Feb 25, 2014

Before we met with Chancellor Lovell, we discussed UWM’s status as “The Underfunded Campus” and our support of a TA request to bring forward their own concerns about compensation. With the Chancellor, we discussed the need for new faculty in… Read More

Feb 11, 2014

We discussed Physical Plant issues with Greg Adams, Director of Facility Services. We began with issues of HVAC in Bolton Hall. He explained that renovation went through numerous separate projects, both major and small. The timing of some of the… Read More

Feb 4, 2014

Mark Harris (Interim Vice Provost for Research) visited, and we talked about the lack of movement on TA and PA support (there has been only a 1% increase in TA salaries due to budgetary constraints). We broke down the average… Read More

Jan 28, 2014

The UC met with Provost Britz and discussed ongoing budgetary issues, including some specific data about enrollment downturns as well as the loss of research money due to recent resignations. We discussed the need to look at enrollment processes from… Read More

Jan 14, 2014

The UC met with Chancellor Lovell and discussed the new UW-System President, as well as upcoming discussions on a new System-wide funding model, and ongoing concerns about the continuing downward trends in UW-Milwaukee enrollments. President-designate Cross understands the important roles that… Read More

Dec 17, 2013

We met with Chancellor Lovell and continued to discuss budgetary issues and our dire financial need regarding faculty and staff compensation and general financial support so that we are able to fulfill our mission. We also discussed the need for… Read More

Dec 5, 2013

Concerned that the Journal Sentinel would foreground only the upper end of our academic pay scale, we sent multiple analyses and narratives, as well as contacts with professors who have recently left UWM, in order to highlight the declining salary… Read More

Dec 3, 2013

We spent much of our time discussing an upcoming meeting of The Regents this week in Madison. Here are the items of interest on their agenda: Faculty Workload, Quality of Education, and Compensation Update on 30 credits General Education Core… Read More