August 7, 2018

Chair report: UC Chair Kris O’Connor will be meeting with AAUP representatives once a month during the academic year. He has been working to garner volunteers for open positions on University committees for this upcoming academic year, especially from the new College/Division. There are about a dozen committees where the charters need to be revised to accommodate the new College/Division.
Provost Britz updated the committee on the UW System Freshwater Initiative, the mid-term accreditation visit (next year), and various other tasks (professional development, mentoring program for junior faculty, Ombuds discussions, the UW System hotline). Searches for Deans of the Lubar School of Business and Health Sciences will also continue this fall. Provost Britz also discussed growing pains in the implementation of post-tenure review. Overall enrollment looks good so far, but we should be prepared for another four years of tuition freeze.