August 28, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported on discussion at the Chancellor’s Cabinet meeting. The new policy on reference checks passed by the Board of Regents was discussed. IT security continues to be a concern. The Union, Engineering, and Klotsche annex buildings are on the list for consideration in the 2021-22 Capital budget. There will be a debate of state Senatorial candidates on campus on October 8th.

UC Rep Bettina Arnold reported on the APBC meeting, saying the committee is preparing for the start of the academic year.

We were joined by three representatives of the new College of General Studies: Ron Gulotta, Tricia Wessel-Blaski, and Tim Dunn. We discussed the need to change the charters for a number of University-level committees, to allow for inclusion of faculty from the General Studies Division. The purpose of each campus committee was described for the new faculty. Recommendations will be made to each of the committees regarding charter language and timelines for changes to be made. Appointments to some committees will be made for this academic year, with these positions entering the standard campus election process implemented in spring. The goal is to have all charters that need to be changed completed by December, in time for inclusion in the spring election process.