Q: If I’m registered for the ACT Preparation Class am I also registered for the official ACT test?
A: No. Registering for the ACT Preparation Class only enrolls you in the seven Saturday preparation course. To register for the official ACT test, please go to www.actstudent.org or see your school counselor.

Q: Is the Writing test covered in the ACT Preparation Class?
A: No. The Writing Test is not a component of the ACT Preparation Class. However, the Writing Test is briefly covered in the Reading component of the class. We do provide extensive handouts and materials on the Writing test and are available to answer any questions students may have about the Writing Test.

Q: What are the core classes that are factored into the Grade Point Average?
A: Core classes are only used to determine the applicant’s core grade point average. Those classes include variations of reading, math, English, science, social studies and foreign languages. This does not include classes such as music, art, physical education, computers, etc. If you have any questions regarding your core GPA for eligibility (core GPA required for the ACT Preparation Class is 2.5), please call our office at 229-6236.

Q: Can I take the class more than one time?
A: Students who have already attended the ACT Preparation Class are not eligible to take the ACT Preparation Class a second time. If there is a medical or emergency situation involved, please contact the Program Coordinator of Mini-Courses at 229-6236 to discuss this circumstance.

Q: Will my child’s score increase by taking this class?
A: Mini-Courses does not guarantee a student’s score will increase. Past statistics have shown that at least 75% of the students that take the pre- and post-test increase their score. When taking a standardized test, it is likely there will be a marginal variation in scores. Individual test scores have the ability to be hampered by the potential of “noise” that each student may experience or encounter during the ACT Post-test. Examples of “noise” could be a lack of sleep, emotional distress, lack of effort, anxiety, or any other situation, which would affect the student’s test taking ability.

Q: If I sign up for the ACT Preparation Class, do I also need to sign up for the ACT Test Taking Experience?
A: No. Students who are registered for the ACT Preparation Class DO NOT need to apply for the ACT Test Taking Experience. The unofficial pre-test and post-test experiences are included in the ACT Preparation Class.