UPASS Fall 2023

The student bus pass, or UPASS, is now available on the UMO Mobility app! This summer, the old blue UPASS bus cards were deactivated.

Fall 2023 UPASSes will be activated on Monday, 8/21/23, and will remain active through 1/21/24 (provided enrollment status does not change during that time). Summer UPASSes are deactivated after Sunday, 8/20/23. If you have a Summer 2023 UPASS, you must redeem your Fall 2023 benefit code by 3:00 AM on 8/21/23 to use your UPASS this Fall.

Each semester, you will have to redeem a “benefit code” to activate your UPASS on the UMO Mobility app. Unique benefit codes have been assigned to all main campus students enrolled this Fall and paying segregated fees.

Find out how to set up your UMO Mobility account using your benefit code on the UWM Transportation Services site. You can redeem your benefit code now so your UPASS can become active starting Monday, 8/21/23.

Please keep your student ID with you at all times when riding the bus. Drivers may ask you to show your student ID to verify your identity while using your UPASS.
ItemImageSupported?Who Qualifies?How do I use this UPASS?
UPASS M-CardNoNot supported by MCTS as of 7/10/23.Not supported by MCTS as of 7/10/23.
UMO Mobility AppYesDefault option for studentsSee instructions below.
WisGo CardYesOption for students who are without a smartphone or who have disabilities that make it difficult to use a smartphone.See instructions below.