Summer and Fall 2020 Permit Sales

Due to uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and its potential to interrupt on-campus activities, most parking permits have been discounted 20% for the Fall 2020 Semester for the main Milwaukee campus. This is reflected on our rates featured on this website. If on-campus classes are converted to online classes, prorated refunds will be available upon request. For Monthly and Fall Semester permits, there will be no refunds offered during or after the week of Thanksgiving. You can purchase a permit through your online Transportation Services account. All permit sales will take place remotely as Transportation Services’ offices are closed to the public. Customers who cancel their parking permits before the start of the permit will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee. Customers who cancel their permit after their permit has started will receive a prorated refund.

Student Permit Sales

UWM Transportation Services will start selling students permits (both annual and semester passes) on 7/17/2020. This is the date when classroom and University Housing assignments will be announced. All sales will be conducted online.

Faculty/Staff Permit Sales

Faculty/staff permits for garages and lots are currently available for sale online. All applicable discounts have been applied to the permit price as listed in the Transportation Services portal. Purchases with payroll deduction are spread out through the life of the permit.

Monthly Permit Sales

Monthly permits for garages and lots are currently available for sale online. If you are a student intending to purchase a permit for use in the Fall, please wait until 7/17/20 for purchasing.

Consumer Value Passes

Consumer value passes for faculty and staff are currently available for sale online. The price is $72 a month.


Summer U-PASSes for students are currently available for sale online. Please see our website for details on purchasing it.