Milwaukee Dockless Scooter Study

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works has initiated a Dockless Scooter Pilot Study through Dec. 31, 2019. It involves a system of self-service scooters made available for shared use to individuals on a short-term basis. The dockless scooters may be rented via a smartphone app, vendor website, vendor customer service number or a pre-paid PIN. Dockless scooters do not require structures at permanent, fixed locations where rides must begin and end. 

You may only ride your scooter on the city of Milwaukee streets. Scooters are not permitted on campus property or sidewalks. Per UWS 18.10(5) “no person shall operate an unauthorized motor vehicle or motorized device, including motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and self-balancing transportation devices, off designated roadways, paved or unpaved, or on service roads or pedestrian paths, regardless of the surface, on university lands. This subsection does not apply to motorized wheelchairs or other mobility devices which have the primary design function of assisting the physically challenged.”

No person may park or store a dockless scooter in buildings, on sidewalks or driveways, or in motor vehicle parking spaces per UWS 18.08(3). Dockless scooters shall be parked so as not to obstruct free passage of vehicles and pedestrians and following all operator guidelines. 

City of Milwaukee Dockless Scooter User Guidelines
  • Helmet use is encouraged while riding a dockless scooter
  • Sidewalk riding is prohibited
  • Riding and parking on the Riverwalk is prohibited
  • Users are required to follow all rules of the road
  • Scooters must be parked responsibly

If you have any questions or concerns regarding scooter parking or use, please contact the company directly.
Dockless Scooter Operator Scooter Description Website Phone Email Number of Approved Scooters
Lime Green, white, and black 1-888-546-3345 500

Updated 7/25/19