Attention NWQ, Pavilion, and Lubar Parkers: License Plate Recognition Cameras Testing

We have been doing some upgrades to the parking equipment to speed up the entrance and exit process. Currently, we are testing License Plate Recognition cameras, and you may have noticed the gate open up before you had the chance to use your campus ID. The LPR cameras are reading your license plate and matching the information entered when you purchased the permit. The goal is you won’t have to use your card, and your license plate will open the gate at the entry and exit. We will be doing testing throughout the summer, and we advise you to keep your campus ID as not all lanes are properly setup. Even when functioning properly, they are effective in 90% of vehicles, certain variables such as bike racks, hitches, snow, dirt, and some vehicle models can cause improper reads, so having your campus ID will still be required. The system is smart enough to group your license plate(s) and campus ID into one account, so one could use their ID to enter and still be able to exit with a license plate read as long as it is the same vehicle. The gates won’t open if one does not remain in sequence (enter, exit, enter, exit, etc.). Only one vehicle per permit is allowed in the garage, and if one takes a ticket at the entrance, it will also not work. If you do change vehicles or get new license plates, we advise you to update your account. If you have questions, please contact