Construction Update 9/24-North Port Washington Bridge and West Capitol Drive

The 10 bridge girders for the Port Washington Bridge were set and complete on September 13th. The contractor has started installing the steel and rebar for the new bridge deck. This work will take place over the next two weeks. The Department of Public Works anticipates pouring the concrete bridge deck on Friday, October 4th, weather permitting. Allowing sufficient time for the concrete to cure, the contractor will then set up the bridge railing and construct the bridge sidewalk during the week of October 7th.

In regards to the roadway work on West Capitol Drive, the contractor plans to resurface the outside lanes from North Green Bay Avenue to North 2nd Street next week followed by a traffic switch to complete the median work. Along the eastbound ramps, inlets have been replaced, base patching and curb & gutter is nearly complete and sidewalk is half done. Inlets have been replaced and contractor is preparing to begin base patching on the westbound ramps.

Milwaukee Water Works has water relay work on West Capitol Drive from North 2nd Street to North 1st Street. This work is not in conjunction with the DPW project. The restoration on this segment of the roadway is scheduled to be complete in early October.

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