Transportation Changes Due to COVID-19; Updated 5/26/20

Be On the Safe Side and the Off-Campus Shuttle Closed until further notice. There will be no service to USRB, School of Freshwater Sciences, Zilber School of Public Health, or Global Water Center during this time for students, faculty, or staff. Upark Closed until further notice. There will not be any security staffing or shuttle service during this time. Prowl Line Closed until further notice. There is no shuttle service on campus. MCTS MCTS will resume fare collection on June 1st.  The passenger limit will remain 10 per bus. Additionally, MCTS is taking the following precautions, from their website: Although COVID-19 has not become widespread in Milwaukee County, MCTS has proactively implemented an extra daily disinfection process on all buses using EPA-approved and CDC-recommended cleaning products. That’s in addition to the standard cleaning our vehicles receive on a regular basis. We did this out of an abundance of caution for public safety. We are in constant contact with local health officials and are prepared to take further action, as needed, to protect our employees and the public. Parking Please see for updates on parking.