2022-2023 Permits and Bus Passes

Main Campus Permits and Bus Passes

Faculty/Staff Permits and Bus Passes

Faculty/staff can purchase annual parking permits starting Monday, 5/2/22. Employee bus passes, or commuter value passes (CVP), for the 2022-2023 year will be available at the same time. All 2021-2022 annual permits and bus passes expire 5/31/22. Permits and bus passes do not automatically renew, and faculty/staff must purchase one through our website, at our Union WG25 Office, or by calling 414-229-4000.

Due to the recent loss of Lot 6 Sciences and Lot 15 Klotsche, parking has become much more limited in many parts of campus, especially for customers with the regular lots or “hunting” permit. After considering the best way to ensure faculty/staff can park in their preferred location, Transportation Services has decided to eliminate the hunting permit (except for second- and third-shift workers).

Customers can choose one of three new permits, which are valid from 6/1/2022 to 5/31/2023 ($933/12 months, or approximately $78/month). Each permit grants access to a different group of lots across the campus.

  • Lots 7 and 20: Includes BOTH Cunningham and Engelmann/SARUP surface lots (toggleable map)
  • Lots 18 and 19: Includes BOTH Heat Plant and Holton surface lots (map)
  • Lots 34, 35, and 36: Includes ALL NWQ West, Daycare, and Honors College surface lots (toggleable map)

Since parking in the southeast quad is very limited, no option is available for any lots at this price, including Lot 9 Zelazo.

Staff Parking permits will also be available at these locations:

LotLot NameAnnual Permit
(6/1/22 to 5/31/23)
Approximate Cost Per Paycheck*Monthly Permit
(30 Days)
Fall Semester Permit
3Lubar Garage150562.71126N/A
7 & 20 (New!)SWQ Surface Lots (SARUP/Engelmann and Cunningham)93338.8980N/A
10Pavilion Garage92038.3480N/A
18 & 19 (New!)NEQ Surface Lots (Heat Plant and Holton)93338.8980N/A
23EMS Garage150562.71126N/A
24Sandburg Garage150562.71126N/A
26Kenilworth Garage122451102N/A
33NWQ Garage92038.3480N/A
34, 35, & 36 (New!)NWQ Surface Lots (Daycare, Honors College, & NWQ West)93338.8980N/A
*Per Check Deduction is based on the assumption there are 24 pay periods a year.

Pre-tax payroll deduction is not offered with monthly options.

Student Permits

Students can purchase Fall 2022 and 2022-2023 residential permits starting Monday, 6/6/22.

Summer 2022 Permits

Summer passes will also be available for purchase on Monday, 5/2.

Branch Campus Permits

Permits for UWM at Washington County and UWM at Waukesha will be available later in the summer. Please stay tuned for updates.