Transforming Justice is creating a range of participatory, community-informed projects. Our goal is to produce scholarly output, as well as accessible public resources that promote civic engagement around questions of health, security, and incarceration. These projects will take on two primary forms: community-driven workshops and counter media, including film documentaries, interactive maps, and digital archives. Both the community-based workshops, or “Workshops for Liberation,” and counter media are intended to prompt discussion and action around questions of mass criminalization and incarceration.

(Photo: “Justice Now” by Light Brigading, cc 2014)


Workshops for Liberation

Our workshops emphasize questions of health and security, but their agendas are community-driven and shaped by the questions and concerns of existing groups working on issues related to ending mass criminalization and incarceration in Milwaukee. The forums not only prompt and support civic engagement, but are also recorded and analyzed as a means of examining how activists and community groups understand incarceration, health, and security in their own communities.


Counter Media

yvc-handsOur counter media is designed to create new visual landscapes that challenge existing narratives produced on behalf of rather than with communities experiencing mass criminalization and incarceration. Transforming Justice will be developing a “youth video collective” documentary team that includes young people aged 16 to 24 from neighborhoods most impacted by prison expansion. These individuals will document their own experiences with policing and incarceration and how it impacts the security of their communities. Data will be mapped to document the everyday geographies of incarceration. doc|UWM film students will also document the youth’s experiences and work to edit the footage into compelling video stories.