What Happens After I Report?

In a formal report with your full participation, your complaint will be routed to an investigator, where you will have the opportunity to share your experience, name witnesses, name the respondent, and share any evidence (sexual assault medical kit results, police report, text messages, security camera footage, etc.). You will also have the opportunity to receive the interim measures that you require to continue to access education programs and activities. The investigator will determine whether an investigation is appropriate. If so, the investigator will contact the Respondent for an interview, receive their version of events and their witnesses and evidence. Then the investigator will make a finding based on available evidence, and recommend appropriate sanctions.

If the investigator recommends sanctions for the Respondent (the person being accused), the Respondent can request a hearing. Both parties can appeal the hearing panel decision.

If the investigator makes no finding against the Respondent (the person being accused), the person making the complaint can appeal the decision.

The full investigative and disciplinary process is mandated in state law and in UWM institutional policies. These policies and procedures are available in the following locations: