How Do I Report?

UWM strongly encourages all individuals to report instances of sexual misconduct to the Title IX office.

  1. Decide Whether to Make a Report.*

    If you are unsure whether you want to make a report to the university, you are encouraged to work with a Confidential Resource, such as the UWM Victim Advocate, Norris Counseling Center or any off-campus community-based resources. Confidential Resources are people you can talk to privately without making a formal report to UWM.

    You can review your reporting options. You can also decide to make an Anonymous or Confidential Report.

  2. Tell the Title IX Office.

    If you decide to make a formal complaint of an allegation of sexual misconduct, you can report directly to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy, and your complaint will be evaluated for an investigation. If you’d prefer to limit the number of people you disclose to, you can report directly to the office that may investigate your case.

  3. Decide Whether to Report to the Police.

    If you would like criminal charges brought against someone, you must contact the police—contacting the Title IX office does not create a criminal complaint. A Confidential Resource, such as the UWM Victim Advocate, Norris Counseling Center, or any off-campus community-based resources can help you privately decide whether you’d like to make a Police report.

    If you are ready to report to the Police, call UWM Police at (414) 229-4627 or the Milwaukee Police (not University affiliated) at (414) 933-4444.

* For the sake of clarity please see the Annual Security Report.