Group File Storage (uFiles)

The uFiles Group Storage service provides online storage capabilities for group-based file shares that can be used by University departments, schools and colleges on University-owned desktop computers. These file shares appear as mapped drives and behave like other folders or online locations that exist on the computer.

The uFiles Group Storage service has the following features:

  • Online file storage
  • Group access to file shares
  • Mapped folders that utilize your computer’s operating system (no other software needed)
  • Regular backup of files

Service Information

Service Access

Credentials needed for access

An active ePantherID and password are required to access uFiles on University-owned computers. In addition, the uFiles service can only be accessed on campus from a University-owned desktop computer that has been properly configured. This service is not available off campus.

Employee Access Granted

Access to this service is made available upon being issued a University-owned device managed by a participating campus IT office.

Employee Access Discontinued

Access to this service is discontinued when an individual’s University-owned and managed device is decommissioned.

Request access

Customers with an existing desktop support agreement should contact their desktop support liaison to request uFiles Group Storage services as part of that agreement. Professional IT Staff can request uFiles Group Storage services as part of a new or existing service level agreement.

Service Availability
This service is available 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance periods and unscheduled outages. For information about timeframes when service is unavailable, visit

Scheduled Maintenance Windows

The defined standing maintenance window for the uFiles Group Storage service are Saturday from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. and Sunday 4 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Scheduled or Unplanned Outages

Information about scheduled or unplanned outages is posted at

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