Tech Tip: No Despair, TechRepair!

It’s midnight during finals week, and you’re finishing up yet another paper. Exhausted from the hours of work you’ve put into your analysis of the Minions movie; you collapse and fall into a blissful slumber.  

The next day you open your laptop, and your paper is nowhere to be found. Panic fills your heart, and you start catastrophizing until you remember that UWM TechRepair offers data recovery services! 

UWM’s TechRepair is conveniently located on the second floor of Bolton Hall in room 225A and offers a ton of services by appointment. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Two FREE virus removals per semester 
  • FREE warranty repair on Macs & Dells 
  • Hardware installation 
  • Software installation 
  • System diagnostics 
  • Hardware diagnostics 

And that’s only scratching the surface of what they’re capable of doing! 

Because they are a university-run service and not a traditional business, their transparency with pricing and diagnostic services are always trustworthy and they’ll never fix something without your expressed consent.  

Request your appointment today!