Tech Tip: Invest in UWM’s Future!

Having the ability to impact your community through financial, volunteer, or other means is a privileged position to be in, and knowing which organizations leave the biggest impact can be tricky. However, rest assured when you invest in UW-Milwaukee during 414 for UWM Giving Day, you’re investing in the future of Milwaukee…and beyond! 414 for UWM is the university’s annual day of giving, held from noon to noon on April 13 – 14 in conjunction with the city’s unofficial “Milwaukee Day” holiday.

This year, one of our UWM IT community members has partnered with 414 for UWM, and if you use their ambassador link to donate, your contribution will directly support the UWM Food Pantry!

Make a difference in your community this year by donating or sharing this opportunity with those around you!