Tech Tip: Get it at the UWM TechStore

Cat got your charger? Get a new one at the UWM TechStore!

In addition to Apple and Dell computers the UWM TechStore also offers a wide range of accessories like headphones, cables, storage, chargers, display ports, and much more! Visit the UWM TechStore website to see a range of accessories available.

Are you looking to purchase a new computer? From now until December 31st, 2022, the UWM TechStore will give an additional $25 off the education discount price on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. This offer is valid only for personal purchases.

Not sure what to buy? Our IT Professionals can help you choose the right device to fit your needs. The UWM TechStore is in the UWM Union on the first floor next to the UWM Panther Shop.

Short on time? Visit us Online! The UWM TechStore website features an online buyers guide designed to help you choose a device based off your School or College recommendations. Have a question? Send a message to the UWM TechStore, or call at 414-229-2842.