Tech Tip: Change Microsoft 365 Profile Picture

New semester, new you! Celebrate by changing your Microsoft 365 profile picture. Your profile picture (aka person icon) is the image displayed across your Microsoft applications such as Teams, Microsoft 365 Online, and Outlook.

When your account is created at UWM this image is displayed as your initials by default. If you wish to change this image, please review Microsoft’s instructions below. Please note, your profile picture will sync across Microsoft applications, so you only need to change your profile picture once using one of the following methods (Teams, Microsoft 365 Online or Outlook Desktop Application).

Changing your Profile Picture in Teams

Teams Upload Profile Picture

Changing your Profile Picture in Microsoft 365 Online

Upload Profile Picture Microsoft 365

Changing your Profile Picture in Windows Outlook desktop application

Upload Profile Picture Windows Outlook Application

If you need assistance regarding this topic, please contact the UWM Help Desk.