Shipping Delays’ Impact on Campus’ Technology Availability

Due to delays in international shipping, campus has experienced technology-related shortages and project roadblocks.

Projects calling for networking equipment may experience delays up to 18 months. This equipment has been increasingly hard to obtain since the beginning of the pandemic, and recent US port congestion has exacerbated this situation. Please note, if you request a new project that requires hardware for networking systems, you may experience even further delays than already established projects.

Concerning the UWM TechStore’s inventory; wait times for new computers, Teams devices, tablets, and other essential hardware have all increased as well. Though the UWM TechStore continues to try and obtain new inventory, our suppliers are consistently out of stock of campus’ most needed items. This means customers may continue to experience delayed shipments or the UWM TechStore will need to find a smaller distributor with stock but at higher rates. In the meantime, visit the UWM TechStore in person or online to shop in-stock items!

Additionally, technology ordered through the IT Purchase Request form is also subject to these delays. The form is kept up to date with approximated lead times, however; if needed immediately, purchasing staff can source in-stock items sold at premium prices upon request.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.