Microsoft SharePoint is a suite of tools, included with Office 365, that allow online collaboration for larger groups. The SharePoint site gives groups access to things such as file sharing, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes. SharePoint sites are not tied to any one individual, allowing for progressive workflow creation and business continuity.

Once your site collection has been created, you can create sites where faculty, staff, and students may collaborate electronically. Some of SharePoint’s features include:

  • Document Libraries that include versioning of files and a check-in and out feature
  • Picture and slide libraries that show thumbnails of the images stored
  • Shared tasks, contacts, calendars, announcements, and link lists
  • Online discussion forums
  • Wiki libraries for documentation
  • Subsites for teams, departments, or collaboration around meetings and documents
  • Alerts that email you when things change
  • Workflows that can be created by non-programmers
  • OneNote for meeting minutes

Note that smaller groups might benefit more from using Microsoft Teams which gives the team access to chat, meetings, file sharing, and more. SharePoint sites are for larger groups with more complex file sharing access and needs.

Service Information

Service Access

Credentials Needed

This service uses multi-factor authentication to verify the identity of users. The user must have an active ePantherID and password.

Access Granted

Access to a SharePoint site is granted by the site administrator.

Access Discontinuation

Access to this service is removed when an individual is no longer employed by UWM or no longer a current student at UWM.

Service Availability

This service is available 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance periods and unscheduled outages. For information about timeframes when service is unavailable, visit

Scheduled Maintenance Window

UWM Microsoft admins can view the status of services and find out when maintenance is scheduled. Service health information is available at any time by signing in.

Scheduled or Unplanned Outages

Information about scheduled or unplanned outages is available at

Getting Started
A SharePoint site collection can be created for a division, department, school, college, or workgroup needing to work collaboratively. The person responsible for administering the SharePoint site should go to the SharePoint Site Request, read the information on the page, and fill out the site request form at the bottom of the page.

Applicable Policies Training and Documentation