Why do I have to pay for printing?

pantherPRINT was implemented due to the large volume of printing and extensive waste in public printing areas.

A pay-for-print service has allowed the campus to:

  • RECOVER printing costs
  • REDUCE printing waste and cost
  • IMPROVE management of printer services
  • INCREASE network efficiency

How much does it cost?

As of 06/22/2015 Black and White costs $.07 (seven cents) per sheet (printing duplex/double-sided results in $.035 per page).  Color costs $.50 (50 cents) per sheet (printing duplex/double-sided results in $.25 per page).  Most workstation print defaults are set to Black and White duplex to reduce cost for the user.

Do I get any free prints or copies?

No. Free prints are not offered with this service. One of the objectives of the pantherPRINT program is to recover printing costs. Free copies would offset cost-savings unless the cost per sheet was increased to cover the expense.

Can I pay by cash or credit card? What about my UWM ID/Gold card?

The pantherPRINT service only accepts pantherPRINT cards.  These can be purchased for $1.00 cash only at any card dispenser on campus.  Each card will have $1.00 on it at the time of purchase.

How do I determine what the cost will be for printing my document?

Each sheet of your document costs $.07 black and white or $.50 for color.  There are two ways to determine the cost of a print job: through Print Preview on the desktop or at the Print Release Station.

You can utilize the Print Preview option to view the pages of your document. The print preview screen will provide you with a page count, and allow you to select which pages you would like to print.

At the Print Release Station, you will always be provided with the sheet count and the amount that you will be charged once you select (highlight) a print job.

Where can I purchase a PantherPrint card or add money to a PantherPrint card?

pantherPRINT cards may be obtained at card dispensers located in general access Campus Computer Labs (CCLs), the UWM Libraries, and several departmental labs. pantherPRINT cards are also used in the public-use copiers located throughout campus and in the library.

What should I do if I have sent a document to the print queue, and then realized that I don’t have enough money on my PantherPrint card?

Print jobs are stored in the queue for two hours. You may go to the nearest card dispenser to add value to your pantherPRINT card within this two-hour window. After two hours, your job will be automatically deleted from the queue.

What happens if the selected print job costs more than the remaining balance on my pantherPRINT card?

A pop-up window will be displayed on the screen with the message “Insufficient funds to continue print job.” You must then log-off the Print Release Station and take your pantherPRINT card to the nearest card dispenser and add money to the card. When you log-off, no money will be deducted and your print job will remain in the print queue. When you return to the Print Release Station, you can insert your card and re-select it to print.

How do I get my money back if I have credit on my card when I graduate or leave campus?

There are no cash refunds if you have money left on your pantherPRINT card. It is suggested that you do not carry a large balance on the pantherPRINT card and only add small amounts at a time.


What locations have pantherPRINT service?

pantherPRINT service is located in Campus Computer Labs (CCLs), UWM Libraries, and several departmental labs throughout campus. View complete list of pantherPRINT locations.

Are there options to using pantherPRINT?

  • Email documents to yourself that you can print or read from home
  • Download articles or documents you find useful to a jump drive (USB device)

How do I use the pantherPRINT service?

View the pantherPRINT service step-by-step instructions. They are also posted next to each Print Release Station.

Can I print selected pages of a document rather than printing extra pages that I might not need?

Yes. For Web, Word or Excel documents, select the “Print Preview” command from the file menu to determine which pages you wish to print by viewing the entire document in the preview screen.

What happens if I change my mind after sending a print job to the print queue from the desktop workstation?

The file will remain in the print queue for 2 hours. If you do not select it from the release station to print within this time, it will automatically be deleted.

NOTE:If you have selected your print job and clicked on the “Print” button, your pantherPRINT card will be debited immediately. After your card has been debited, and your job printed, there is no way for you to cancel your print job or be refunded for the charges incurred.

Can I bring my own paper?

No. Paper is included in the cost of the pantherPRINT service.  Using your own paper could damage the printer and lead to poor print quality.


What happens if the copies are bad?

If the print quality is unsatisfactory, you can obtain a free reprint for the unsatisfactory pages. The following printer-caused defects are eligible for free reprints:

  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Light copies due to low toner
  • Ruined copies due to paper-jam
  • Printer failure
  • Other printer-caused defects

NOTE:  Editing and formatting mistakes are not reimbursed. Contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040, or use the online form at regarding any printing problems for which you have been charged.

What if I can’t print jobs now? Do the jobs stay in the queue forever or do jobs expire after a certain period of time?

The pantherPRINT system will hold jobs in the print queue for two hours. If you have not released your job from the print release station within two hours, it will automatically be deleted from the print queue and you will have to re-send it to the Print Release Station.

What happens if I lose or misplace a PantherPrint card?

pantherPRINT cards are the responsibility of the purchaser and should be treated like cash money. Card owners should keep the cards secure at all times. If a pantherPRINT card is misplaced or lost, UWM is not responsible for copies made on the lost card and/or the recovery of the lost card.

Please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040, or use the online form at refunds due to invalid cards or consolidations.