Lecture Capture in Classrooms

Lecture Capture is a feature that allows you to record your lecture in the classroom so students can view it later. This recording can be scheduled or ad-hoc and allows for the recording of audio, video, and content (PowerPoint, a video shown, spreadsheets, etc.). 

UWM offers two lecture capture systems, Mediasite and Kaltura Classroom Capture. Mediasite is hardware-based and is only available in a few classrooms on campus. Kaltura Classroom Capture is new to UWM and is software-based. It is installed in most general assignment classrooms as well as some departmental classrooms. Only Kaltura Classroom Capture allows both scheduled and ad-hoc lecture capture. 

To learn more about lecture capture and what option might work best for you, please review our training catalog 

If you are interested in scheduled lecture capture, please make an online request with Classroom Services. If you have any questions about this topic, please reach out to Classroom Services