Get Help Remotely using BeyondTrust

For your safety and convenience, IT support at UWM can now offer support remotely using BeyondTrust.

This tool allows you to remotely show your screen to IT support staff. Support can control the keyboard and mouse remotely to solve issues right away.

The UWM community can now receive remote support on nearly any computer connected to the internet. BeyondTrust has already been used to help UWM staff and students over 1,000 times, even when they were travelling across the country!

Have an IT problem? Contact IT Support! You might join us for a BeyondTrust session soon.

NOTE: Hackers have been known to impersonate UWM IT support to gain access to our computers. Be careful who you allow to connect to your computer. If anyone asks you to connect to a “remote support” session using a different tool, such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer, do not accept the invitation!