Faculty and Staff Website Management (CampusPress)

CampusPress is a self-service WordPress platform available to UWM faculty and staff for building and managing professional websites in support of their professional activities, centers, labs and institutes. This self-provisioning and flexible, online platform allows for hosting and maintaining a professional web presence and aids in expanding individual professional initiatives as well as collaborative efforts. Site administrators (faculty and staff) are able to create and maintain a professional site and are responsible for the contents and links featured on their site.

CampusPress is hosted by Edublogs, designed to help educational institutions create and customize their professional sites. This blog platform is geared towards the field of education, providing resources necessary for faculty and staff to build professional sites that best fit their needs. More information available at https://sites.uwm.edu/

Service Information

Service Access
Service Availability
  • CampusPress is available and accessible 24/7 by both site visitors and site administrators, except during scheduled maintenance windows.
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