Document Management (Perceptive Content)

Perceptive Content is a document imaging software solution from Hyland. UW-Milwaukee uses Perceptive Content to digitize and store various documents to streamline college processes for student records, admission data, financial records, and other data systems across many units of campus. Our services are hosted and supported by UW-Madison.

Service Information

Service Access

Credentials Needed

A separate Perceptive Content account is required to use the service. Perceptive Content uses LDAP through the UWM Active Directory linked with the Perceptive Content account.

Employee Access Granted

Access is granted through the UW Madison Security Team through a request from an authorized UWM administrator.

Employee Access Discontinuation

Access to this service is removed when an individual is no longer employed by UWM or by submitting the Add/Remove User Access form.

Service Availability
The service runs 24x7x365 with minimal downtime for scheduled and emergency maintenance (reboots and Windows Server Patching handled by UW-Madison DoIT’s Systems Engineering). If problems arise, identified issues are addressed by system administrators during normal business hours 8×5 and off-hours on a best-effort basis..

Scheduled Maintenance Window

The service has a scheduled maintenance window on Friday evening from 20:00-22:00. The service may be taken down during this time for maintenance on the application, database or hardware. Change records, if necessary, will be submitted. Typically Perceptive releases 2-3 minor upgrades per year. UW-Madison schedules major upgrades as they are released. UW-Madison upgrades Test/Development servers first. Upgrades to Production are usually done on Friday nights. Department leads have access to the system on the day following the patching/upgrade for Production testing. Positive test results finalize the work or the patch/upgrade is rolled back.

Scheduled or Unplanned Outages

Information about scheduled or unplanned outages is posted at UW-Madison Outages.

Applicable Policies