A variety of distance learning technologies are available, including standards-based H.264 video conferencing, audio-only teleconferencing, web-based video conferencing, webcasting and lecture capture.

Distance learning (also known as long distance teaching, distance education, video conferencing, alternative delivery systems) helps deliver instruction at locations and times convenient for the student. For more information and detailed pricing, please email classroomhotline@uwm.edu or call 414-229-2382.

Standards-based H.264 Video Conferencing

Involves two-way audio and video as well as content. All sites must have standards-based H.264 video conferencing codecs.

The following rooms have standards-based H.264 video conferencing codecs:

  • Lubar S250
  • Enderis 107
  • Enderis 127

Audio-only Teleconferencing (Phone Conference)

UW-Extension offers all UW schools audio conferencing via WisLine. You can set up a WisLine audio conference through their website or by calling (608) 262-4342 or (855) 289-9177. If you would like to rent a speaker phone you can do so by filling out the Classroom Services online order form. You will need to verify that you have an active phone jack available in the conference location.

Web-Based Video Conferencing

PexIP is service that allows multiple people to share live audio, video and content through a web browser. Using this service you can accommodate a Distance Learning environment, bring in guest speakers or even teach from a remote location to students on campus.

Webcasting/Live Streaming

Multiple rooms on campus are set up to Live Stream using Mediasite technology. Classroom Services also offers two portable Mediasite Live Stream/Recorders. You will be provided a link to distribute to your attendees so they can listen or watch from their computers. This is one-way video and audio, the remote attendees can see and hear your event but cannot actively contribute. These Live Stream events can be archived for future viewing as well.

Lecture Capture

There are ten general assignment classrooms on campus with built-in lecture capture hardware that can accommodate scheduled or Ad-Hoc recordings. Lecture Capture services are provided using both Mediasite and Crestron capture technologies.