Building Access Control (Andover)

The Andover service provides electronic controls for many internal and external doors in University buildings located both on and off the Kenwood campus. These electronic door controls allow UWM students, faculty, and staff access to buildings and rooms using their UWM ID cards (PantherCards), or key cards/fobs distributed by their department, School/College, or unit. The Andover service also allows departments, Schools/Colleges and units to administer different levels of access for their faculty and staff based on various criteria including time of day, days of the week, location, and more.

Service Information

Service Access

Credentials Needed

A valid UWM ID card (PantherCard) with an RFID chip that has been granted access to specific Andover controlled doors.

Access Granted

Student access is granted when a student receives their PantherCard from the Department of Enrollment Management. All students can use their PantherCards for entry to the Golda Meir Library after-hours, in addition to other access granted based on their School/College, student employment, or other factors.

Faculty and staff access is granted when an employee is hired by the University and receives a UWM ID card (PantherCard). PantherCards or key cards/fobs provided by their department, School/College or unit, will require administrative set-up to apply the correct access levels for the employee based on their office location, hours, work assignment, and other criteria.

Access Discontinuation

Students’ access to this service is removed when they are no longer a student of the University. Faculty and staff access is removed at the discretion of their department, School/College or unit or upon no longer being employed by the University.

Service Availability

This service is available (i.e., controlling door access) 24/7 except during unscheduled outages. Individual access to certain doors may be restricted depending on access level and the schedules and policies established for that access level.

Applicable Policies