Here’s a bit of what we were up to last year:

1. We supported UWM’s technology!

Have a question? Find the answer!

In 2022, UWM IT resolved over 37,000 requests for technical assistance.

The UWM Help Desk offers a searchable KnowledgeBase with over 1500 articles.

In 2022 there were over 1.8 million views of KnowledgeBase articles.

Have a technology question? Search for an answer in the UWM KnowledgeBase. Or contact the UWM Help Desk.

Show of hands- who misses overhead projectors?

Neither do we. Thankfully, Classroom Services offers the UWM community over 700 instructional classrooms, labs, and spaces with a variety of technology:

  • 439 instructor computers
  • Over 400 projectors and displays
  • 321 rooms connected for AV monitoring

Learn more about multimedia classrooms. 


2. We learned more about Cybersecurity.

Job Scams SUCK.

UWM students were the targets of over 1.4 million job scam emails in 2022.

Typically, 80% of those messages are filtered out before reaching your inbox.

For those that do reach inboxes…

UWM IT professionals dealt with these messages by deleting them, blocking the sender, and blocking external links in the messages.

Always keep an eye out 👀

The most common months to see job scam emails are January, September, and October.

Learn how to spot job scam emails and what to do when they land in your inbox.


3. We realized how important connections are.

Because the connection campus & UWM WiFi has is real!

While on campus (Milwaukee, Washington County, and Waukesha) connect using the UWM WiFi option!

This past year, UWM WiFi hardware was replaced in 13 additional buildings bringing the total up to 18 buildings with new hardware.

The new hardware was used to connect to UWM WiFi over 90,000 times during finals week in the fall! 

Connect to UWM WiFi today. 


4. Panthers got work done with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 contains tools central to UWM’s productivity.

From email to calendar to file storage and collaboration, Microsoft 365 has you covered. Below are ways that Panthers used Microsoft 365 in the past year: 

  • Currently, there are 11,505 Teams.
  • From August 2022 through January 2023 over 2.4 million Teams Chat messages were sent.
  • Over 51 million files are stored on OneDrive using 186TB of storage.


5. We asked campus: “How much do you love Research Computing?”

26,000,000 core hours is how much!

In 2022, UWM Research Computing supported over 26 million core hours of calculations on UWM-supported High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

They also onboarded 80 new users across 30 different research groups and deployed new computational resources to the UWM research community.

Learn more and get started with UWM’s HPC service. 


6. We checked a lot of stuff off our to-do lists! ✔️

In 2022 UWM IT professionals participated in over 29 IT projects involving the completion of over 855 tasks.

Over the year, 13 of those projects were completed and another 11 are ongoing into 2023. 

Learn more about IT Projects at UWM! 

7. Campus showed it values new technology.

This past year, the campus made over 1000 IT purchases costing over 2.3 million dollars.

These items were submitted through the IT Procurement process and reviewed by a team of purchasing, information security, and IT specialists. 

Need new tech? Learn more about purchasing technology. 


8. You made learning technology look easy.

In the past year…

Over 7000 hours of content were consumed on LinkedIn Learning. In those hours, over 150,000 LinkedIn Learning videos were viewed

Find your next course!

Log into LinkedIn Learning and learn a new technical, business, or creative skill today!

9. And we were social with campus!

UWM IT made an impression on campus!

YouTube Impressions

Twitter impressions

Instagram impressions

We hope you checked out the Technology site.

Panthers also spent over 4000 hours viewing content on the Technology site on more than 400,000 page views. 

Stay in the know, follow UWM IT, and visit the Technology site today. 



On to 2023!