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This self-paced and on-demand TechEd Frontiers pathway will provide learners with the skills necessary to advance their leadership skills in technology by leveraging IT, cultivating communication across departments to generate greater satisfaction, improving team cohesiveness, and by enhancing digital product effectiveness. Learners will develop an understanding of how Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy is transforming organizations and developing competitive advantages across various industries and environments. Through the information gained by completing this pathway learners will acquire an awareness of the fundamentals of Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy, and the framework necessary to implement these concepts.

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About This PathwayTechEd Frontiers Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy

Technology leaders are required to possess skills beyond those occupying traditional tech based and IT roles. These individuals need to acquire skills in business, thought leadership, mentoring, and team and product management in addition to their traditional technology skills to help position their teams for success. Learners will develop the skills necessary to differentiate themselves to their current employers and to the marketplace by learning how to complement their existing skills with leadership, management, and foundational business skills. Through the knowledge gained by completing this pathway learners will be in a better position to deal with the challenges in an economic environment in which innovations in strategy, structure, technology, and systems are developing more rapidly than at any other time. The key concepts covered in this pathway include:

  • IT Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Advantage
  • Innovation
  • Technology Strategy


This learning pathway will focus on the key areas of Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy. The key concepts covered in this pathway include IT Leadership, Digital Transformation, Technology Advantage, Innovation and Technology Strategy. The pathway will take learners through eight modules, with each self-paced module designed for two weeks of learning, approximately eight hours each week.

The modules include:

  • IT History, Business-IT Understanding, Innovation Inhibitors
  • Tech Talent
  • Customer Centricity & Systems Analysis – The Business Connection
  • Innovation & Strategy (Part 1)
  • Innovation & Strategy (Part 2)
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity
  • Leading, Transforming, & Navigate the Unknown in Tech & Digital (Part 1)
  • Leading, Transforming, & Navigate the Unknown in Tech & Digital (Part 2)

Ideal Learner

This TechEd Frontiers pathway has been designed for learners who are seeking career advancement by leveraging an organization’s technology advantages. Learners will gain an understanding of how business and IT can come together to create competitive advantages. Through this pathway learners will develop skills in business intelligence, thought leadership, mentoring, and team management to become a technology leader. The information covered in this pathway will prepare the learner to seek career advancement in several different areas within their organization including organization leadership, project management, business development, strategy, technology management, innovation management, human development management, marketing, operations management, business consulting, and more.

Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy Skills are in Demand

Those who possess skills in technology leadership, innovation & strategy are uniquely positioned to pursue a variety of roles within an organization. Being a technology leader requires a combination of hard and soft skills and the ability to bridge the technical and management divide and effectively listen to and communicate with others. The core (soft) skills that have been developed by those with an understanding of technology leadership, innovation & strategy are applicable across multiple careers and job paths.

Subject Matter Experts

The competencies in every TechEd Frontiers pathway have been created and informed by UWM’s award-winning faculty and industry leaders from some of Milwaukee’s largest companies. Experts involved in the Technology Leadership, Innovation & Strategy digital credential come from UWM’s School of Information Studies.

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