Programming in C# – coming soon!

This self-paced and on-demand TechEd pathway focuses on the cross-platform language C# (C-Sharp). C# is a versatile programming language that can be utilized to build variety of applications across various common platforms.


About This Pathway

Learners will gain the coding skills necessary to begin utilizing C# to develop websites, program desktop applications, build mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS, and produce games. Through this TechEd Frontiers pathway learners will develop the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework, develop an understanding of how to work with primitive types and expressions, gain experience working with non-primitive expressions (classes, structs, arrays and enums), differentiate between value and reference types, experience working with the control of program flow using conditional statements, utilize arrays, lists, files and directories, text and understand the process for debugging C# applications effectively.

Each self-paced module is designed for two weeks of learning, approximately eight hours each week. The modules include:

  • C# Basics for Beginners
  • Fundamentals of Coding
  • Hands on Coding in C#
  • Class Identification
  • Interfaces and Object-oriented Programming
  • Case Study-based Applications of C# 

Learners will utilize Visual Studio Community Edition (FREE) to begin coding in C#; no prior knowledge of coding is required.


Ideal Learner

This TechEd Frontiers pathway will provide learners with a solid foundation in the use of data structures and algorithms using the C# language. This programming is an ideal fit for professionals seeking to switch careers into software development or for those seeking to start a career in a high-growth field. Being a C# Programmer with proficient C programming language skills can open the door to many different career paths. There are no prerequisites for this TechEd learning pathway, however a capacity to understand technical concepts is recommended.


C# Programming Skills are in Demand

C# continues to be one of the most widely used programming languages and is growing in popularity for developing web and desktop applications. C# is a mature programming language that has evolved significantly over the years. As a general-purpose language, C# can be used for programming in Windows applications, consoles, Android, iOS, and machine learning software. C# can be used in every type of software development, from mobile apps to video games to enterprise software. Those who possess the skills to program in C# often work in data science, software development, front end development, backend development, or app development. Those who possess the ability to program in C# are able to handle more complex projects and challenges. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics demand for these positions is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030.


Subject Matter Experts

The competencies in every TechEd Frontiers pathway have been created and informed by UW systems award-winning faculty and industry leaders from some of Milwaukee’s largest companies. Experts involved in the Programming in C# digital credential come from UW Parkside’s Computer Science Department.

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