Data Analytics and Visualization with Excel

Visualization of data analysis.
10 weeks, 8 hours per week, 100% online, $795

Learning data analytics and visualization with Excel equips you with valuable skills for data exploration, analysis, and visualization. It supports informed decision-making, enhances productivity, and opens up career opportunities in a data-driven world. The data analysis and visualization skills developed by this pathway are increasingly in demand across all sectors and most professional occupations.


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About This Pathway

This learning path focus on the key aspects of managing, analyzing, and visualizing data with Microsoft Excel. Students will be expertly guided through the process of constructing data sets and acquiring visualization techniques that can be directly applied in real work settings.

Successful completion of this program will equip learners with the following skills:

  • Collect and interpret accurate data sets
  • Draw inferences and present insights from data
  • Represent data that is accessible and impactful to audiences
  • Use data visualization to inform decision-making
  • Identify primary data visualization categories and their purposes


The pathway will take learners through five modules, building the skills needed for you to gain ability to convert data into positive results. Each module is designed for two weeks of learning, approximately eight hours each week.

The modules include:

  • The Basics of Data and Data Management
  • The Basics of Data Analysis
  • Descriptive Analysis and Summarizing Data
  • Data Visualization I
  • Data Visualization II

Ideal Learner

The pathway is aimed at individuals seeking to advance their skills in analyzing and visualizing data accurately and effectively. The learner suited for this pathway need not have a strong foundation in data analytics and may be just beginning to work with Excel software.

Data Analytics and Visualization Skills are in Demand

Reskill and upskill to satisfy a demand for data analytics and visualization expertise from within your own workforce. Data analytics and visualization is one of the fastest growing information technology disciplines in the country, and companies across all industries are looking for experts to translate the information a business collects into better decisions and outcomes. In the Milwaukee area, the demand for skills in this pathway is expected to grow nearly 35 percent over the next 10 years.

Subject Matter Experts

The competencies in every TechEd Frontiers pathway have been created and informed by UWM’s award-winning faculty and industry leaders from some of Milwaukee’s largest companies. Experts involved in the Data Analytics and Data Visualization with Excel digital credential come from UWM’s Lubar School of Business, the School of Information Studies, and the College of Engineering & Applied Science.

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