What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge validates that the earner has acquired a set of knowledge, skills, or abilities by completing a learning pathway. Digital badges offer several advantages:

  • Earners can easily share badges with their professional networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Earners choose how and when to broadcast their credentials to a wider online audience
  • Earners can be awarded individual badges that show progress toward a more comprehensive, cumulative badge
  • Badges use images to make the credential stand out
  • Badges are linked to verifiable issuers, such as a university, employer, or company
  • Badges provide metadata, specifically indicating the knowledge, skills, or abilities the earner has gained

Why Earn a Digital Badge from TechEd Frontiers?

UWM’s TechEd Frontiers offers several learning pathways that provide learners the opportunity to earn credentials from one of the country’s top research universities.

TechEd Frontiers’ learning pathways, developed by UWM’s award-winning faculty in partnership with industry experts, allow learners to earn a series of digital badges that pinpoint in-demand skills. Each pathway is developed with the most current and cutting-edge ideas.

Digital badges make ongoing professional development more transparent. With digital badges, a learner does not need to pursue an entire degree to sharpen their skillset; it is simple to highlight recently developed skills while other badges are in progress. For employers, digital badges offer a solution for upskilling their workforce in a quickly changing landscape.