About TechEd Frontiers

TechEd Frontiers is a talent platform designed to serve individuals and the business community. TechEd Frontiers offers innovative online learning pathways that enable individuals in the workplace to learn new skills and advance in their careers. Our on-demand learning focuses on the skills we know employers need most. We know this because of extensive labor market research and interviews we conducted with dozens of corporate talent development leaders.

This platform showcases the expertise of UWM’s faculty and our ability to design cutting edge, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education in an online format.

Grounded in learning science, TechEd Frontiers learning pathways:

  • Are online, on-demand and self-paced;
  • Include success coaching to help learners apply learning in the workplace and solidify comprehension of the content;
  • Focus on high-demand skills validated by market research and an industry advisory council made up of representatives from the business community encompassing multiple industries and business types; and
  • Enable individuals to level up into a new job category.

Grounded in research on training effectiveness, these pathways:

  • Engage participants and deliver the skills needed in an immersive and interactive program design;
  • Offer appropriately “chunked” training modules, integrating technical, behavioral, and mind-set skills; and
  • Assess learning on a regular basis, ensuring that students show mastery of all necessary skills.

Each learning pathway consists of a series of modules which are each focused on a discrete topic. An electronic badge is awarded following the successful completion of topics covered by modules and a pathway badge is awarded following the successful completion of all modules in the pathway.

Benefits For Employers And Employees

Pathways create benefits to organizations and the individuals:

Organizational benefits

  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • Reduced talent attraction costs

Individual benefits

  • Access to new higher paying jobs that are in demand.
  • College credit through prior learning assessment and stackable credentials. (certificates, industry certification, apprenticeships, digital badges, micro credentials, etc.)