Courses Offered

Online Courses

Commun 710 – Managerial Communication

Designed for organizational communication practitioners; surveys analytic and implementation skills necessary for effective management of communication processes. Contact Kathryn Fonner.

Commun 813 – Seminar in Mediated Communication

This course focuses on theory and research pertaining to relationships between human communication processes and interactive technologies. Contact Erin Ruppel.

English 427 – Professional Writing for Nonprofits

This course explores the theory, practices, and written communication used by professional writers in nonprofit or social sector workplaces. Contact Sally Stanton.

English 431 – Topics [Examples: Writing for Social Media; Global Business Communications]

Students in this course will learn about various aspects of composition theory, history and practice applied to both the process and product of writing. Contact Dave Clark.

English 435 – Professional and Technical Writing

Students in this course will develop foundational skills in researching, planning, drafting, and revising common types of workplace documentation. Contact Nancy Nygaard.

English 443 – Grant Writing

Students will learn the basics of researching and writing effective, persuasive grants and applying that knowledge in an integrated project with a nonprofit organization. Contact Sally Stanton.

English 444 – Technical Editing

This course is a hands-on practicum in which students are responsible for both individual and collaborative editing projects. Contact Rachel Spilka.

English 449 – Writing Internship in English

This flexible-credit internship is an opportunity to gain “real world” writing, editing, design, or related experience. Internship placements are available in a variety of placements. Contact Rachel Spilka.

English 709 – Rhetoric, Information, and Technology

This course explores theories, practices, and tools used by professional documentation specialists. Contact Dave Clark.

English 710 – Advanced Project Management for Professional Writers

This course is designed for students who are seeking to broaden their knowledge base and credentials in project management and professional writing. Contact Rachel Spilka.

English 711 – Topic: Writing for Social Media

In this course, students will look at social networking, with an emphasis on the practical and theoretical concerns of writers. Contact Dave Clark.

English 711 – Topic: Educational & Advocacy Writing in Health & Medicine

This course is designed to teach students the latest techniques for the development of effective educational and advocacy communication in health and medicine. Contact S. Scott Graham.

Face-to-Face Courses

Commun 810 – Studies of Communication in Organizations

The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth study of organizational research, primarily focusing on the communication, strategies, processes, and structures used within organizations. Contact Kathryn Fonner.

Commun 815 – Communication Technologies in Organizations

Examination of theory and research addressing the use of technologies in the organizational communication process. Contact Erik Timmerman.

Commun 820 – Communication in Customer Service Settings

Theory and research addressing communication in customer service setting. Contact Erik Timmerman.

Commun 823 – Seminar in Small Group Communication

This course examines theory and research in small group communication: methods, applications, and problems of small group communication. Contact Erin Ruppel.

Commun 827 – Seminar in Instructional Communication

This course introduces the theory and practice of teaching communication using face-to-face and online methods and in academic (college) and organizational (training) environments. Contact Erik Timmerman.

Commun 830 – Negotiation

Theory and research addressing negotiation as fundamentally a communicative process. Contact Erik Timmerman.

English 433 – Creative Nonfiction

In this course, students will write in a number of creative nonfiction formats, including the personal experience article, personal opinion essay, review, and profile, as well as a researched article using a creative nonfiction approach. Contact Carolyn Washburne.

English 434 – Editing and Publishing

In this course, students will gain knowledge of editorial procedures, including copyediting and proofreading skills, and learn the fundamentals of layout/design by preparing manuscripts for book or journal publication. Contact Carolyn Washburne.

English 439 – Document Design

In this class, students focus on producing documents given the audience for whom they are creating a document, the purposes they hope to achieve, strategies—of layout; size and material; typography; use of photograph, illustration, chart, or diagram; readability and usability. Contact S. Scott Graham.

English 706 – Professional Writing Theory and Pedagogy

In this course, students will explore the theory and application of various approaches to teaching business and technical writing in colleges and universities and in the non-academic workplace. Contact Dave Clark.

English 712 – Professional Writing Theory

In this course, students will be introduced to the major theoretical perspectives influencing the field of professional writing. Contact S. Scott Graham.

English 713 – Research Methods (Topics)

This course is available to all graduate students interested in researching topic areas related to writing and literacy. For those heading for academic or workplace careers in professional writing, this course will provide core skills needed to excel in either of these career directions. Contact Rachel Spilka.