For Facilitators

Thank you for being a CETL facilitator for the Teaching and Learning Symposium! Your role as a facilitator is to provide presenters with technical and logistical support to ensure the best possible experience for both presenters and attendees. You are critical to the success of this year’s symposium!


All sessions are 45 minutes in length, and each session has a designated Collaborate Ultra session/room in the Symposium Canvas site. Please arrive at each of your sessions 10-15 minutes before they begin to help presenters set up and to sort out any logistics.

Before the Symposium

  • Find your name in each time slot within the tables at the bottom of this page
  • Confirm your phone number, and contact Dylan if it’s wrong
  • Take note of which sessions and which times you’ll be facilitating
  • Contact Dylan with any questions about facilitating

During Each Session

  1. Join your session 10-15 minutes before it begins
  2. Access your session in Collaborate Ultra in the Symposium Canvas site
    • You may need to have sessions going in two browser tabs if one runs over
  3. Change the presenters to Moderators when they enter the session
  4. Discuss the session logistics with the presenters:
    • Will they be uploading PowerPoints or sharing their screen? Will they be using polls or breakout rooms? Do they need help with the process?
    • Would they like to be introduced by you?
      • Default: They introduce themselves.
    • How can you help manage the chat?
      • Default: At the end during Q&A time, summarize major themes and pose questions from the chat.
    • How should you inform them when their time is running out?
      • Default: Raise your hand when there are 10 minutes left.
  5. Record the session at the start time
    • Remember to start recording after coming back from breakout rooms
  6. Paste the link to the session’s resource folder from SharePoint into the chat (only if there are materials in there)
  7. Assist with polling and breakout rooms, as needed
    • Add participants to ongoing breakout rooms if they join after the breakout rooms have started
  8. Stop recording before you leave the session

Providing Support for Session Attendees

If participants are having difficulty with their audio, please do your best to help them. You may want to post into the chat the directions on how to use the phone for audio. Be sure to take steps to address participants who may be unintentionally disrupting the session. You may also need to turn off the video option for attendees if there are a number of connection issues.

Link to Recorded Training

Thank you, Amy, for recording the training session on January 8! Feel free to review the Teams recording.

Program for Facilitators

You will need to visit the Symposium Canvas site to join as a Moderator your sessions listed below.


#TitlePresenter(s)Session TypeCETL Facilitator
Bezos Ate My Essay: Stop Worrying About Student Data and Love the CloudNicole Bungert (Libraries)
Kristopher Purzycki (English)
Birds-of-a-FeatherDylan Barth
Collaborative Comments: Textual and Visual Annotation in CanvasLisa Hager (they, them, theirs) (CGS, English & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies) Interactive PresentationAmy Mangrich
Preparing International Students for College Success in the USRebecca Willems-Solc (Ed Psych)
Susie Lamborn (Ed Psych)
Interactive PresentationSarah MacDonald
Group Projects: From Face-to-Face to OnlineStepanka Korytova (SCE)Interactive PresentationEd Price
Embracing Adversity: Mistakes as Iterative Course Design OpportunityAli Gattoni (Communication)
Stacey Mirviss-Jossart (Communication)
Ann Raddant (Biological Sciences)
Sarah Riforgiate (Communication)
Lane Sunwall (CETL)
Chris Willey (Art and Design)
Interactive PresentationLane Sunwall
Ungrading at UWM: A ConversationShannon Denney (English)
Danielle Harms (English)
Maureen McKnight (English)
Amanda Seligman (History)
Birds-of-a-FeatherKathy Pinkowsky
Active Learning Strategies Used in Medication Administration ActivityMelissa Melcher (Nursing)
Kylateia Farrar-Stern (Nursing)
Interactive PresentationMike Cosgrove


#TitlePresenter(s)Session TypeCETL Facilitator
Strategies for Designing Online Courses during COVID-19Kristin Gaura (Education)
Simone Conceicao (Admin Leadership)
Interactive PresentationDylan Barth
Using Hypothesis for Social Annotations in Online and Hybrid CoursesHilary Snow (Honors)
Ryan Holifield (Geography)
Karolina May-Chu (FLL)
Aaron Schutz (Educational Policy)
Birds-of-a-FeatherAmy Mangrich
Timely Connections: An Ethics of Care PerspectiveKristin Sziarto (Geography)
Laura Stark (Advising)
Interactive PresentationSarah MacDonald
Prior Learning Assessment: An Innovative Practice for Student SuccessLaura Pedrick (Academic Affairs)
Phyllis King (Academic Affairs)
Nancy Nelson (SCE)
Chris Head (Registrar's Office)
Interactive PresentationEd Price
The Demands of Teaching Online: A TA's Guide for BalanceNatalie Schneider (Business)Interactive PresentationLane Sunwall
Alternative AssessmentKelly Kohlmetz (Mathematical Sciences)Interactive PresentationKathy Pinkowsky
Connecting with First Year Students and Avoiding MisunderstandingsJill Rinzel (CGS)Birds-of-a-FeatherMike Cosgrove


#TitlePresenter(s)Session TypeCETL Facilitator
How to Adapt a Group Project Online: Synchronous or AsynchronousKim Omachinski (Communication)Birds-of-a-FeatherDylan Barth
Using Interactive ToolsBrenda Moench (Nursing)Interactive PresentationAmy Mangrich
Centering a Feminist Ethics of Care in the ClassroomKatie Klein (WGS)
Katie Merkle (WGS)
Zoe Colip (WGS)
Kayla Daspit (WGS)
Bridget Gibley (WGS)
Natalie Hilmer (WGS)
Birds-of-a-FeatherSarah MacDonald
Canvas Tools to Support Inclusive LearningShannon Aylesworth (ARC)
David Delgado (CETL)
Ed Price (CETL)
Interactive PresentationEd Price
Aiding International Teaching Assistants’ Adaption to Instructional TechnologyIruoma Ezumba (Communication)Interactive PresentationLane Sunwall
Working Through the (Dis)Connect: How to Write Productive FeedbackJennifer Dworschack-Kinter (English)
Liana Ordcic (English)
Interactive PresentationKathy Pinkowsky


#TitlePresenter(s)Session TypeCETL Facilitator
Primary Source Literacy in the Online Classroom Abigail Nye (Archives)
Shiraz Bhathena (Archives)
Derek Webb (Archives)
Interactive PresentationDylan Barth
Converting Community-Based to Digital-Based Learning ExperiencesCarlynn Alt (Health Sciences)Interactive PresentationAmy Mangrich
Supporting Student Emotional Well-being in Digital SpacesLori Bokowy (Norris)
Melissa Will (UWEC Counseling Services)
Interactive PresentationSarah MacDonald
Pedagogy, Parenting, and a PandemicElizabeth Silverstein (Philosophy)Birds-of-a-FeatherEd Price
Teaching Graduate Students How to Teach Online during a PandemicBeth Vigoren (English)
Joni Hayward Marcum (Media, Cinema, & Digital Studies)
Casey James Brajevich (Media, Cinema, & Digital Studies)
Interactive PresentationLane Sunwall
Supporting Comprehension in Introductory STEM ClassesLeah Johnson (Chemistry and Biochem)
Barbara Lucius (Teaching & Learning)
Interactive PresentationKathy Pinkowsky


#TitlePresenter(s)Session TypeCETL Facilitator
Teaching with Sustainability in Mind
Dylan Barth (CETL)Birds-of-a-FeatherDylan Barth
Bridging the Gap: Expectation and Reality of Online InstructionSooyeon Lee (FLL)Interactive PresentationAmy Mangrich
Co-Curricular ConnectionsAnna Grau Schmidt
Molly Mathias (Libraries)
Interactive PresentationSarah MacDonald
I Hope You Zoom: PhD Students Adapt, Persist, and Connect VirtuallyChristopher Peters (Nursing)
Julia Snethen (Nursing)
Rebecca Parizek (Nursing)
Mary McMahon Bullis (Nursing)
Interactive PresentationEd Price
Preparing Undergraduate Students for Success in Pediatric PsychologyJulia Tager (Psychology)
Ansley Kenney (Psychology)
Interactive PresentationLane Sunwall
Active Learning and Community Building In The Asynchronous ClassroomJonathan Wipplinger (German)
Jason Williamson (German)
Justin Court (German)
Interactive PresentationKathy Pinkowsky