Take Classes that seem Interesting

“Deciding to take a class that I had no knowledge about was the best decision I’ve made thus far in my college career. I took Latino Studies 101 last semester and it quickly became my favorite class. Expanding your knowledge, especially about other cultures is an extremely valuable thing to do. Go for it!” –Maggie Fischer, Sophomore.

Take a class or attend an event on a topic you know nothing about  

College is all about exploration and discovery. Take full advantage of this opportunity by signing up for classes outside of your specific major and learning more about the world around you. There are offices and departments across campus that can help you do just this.

o In order to successfully complete your degree at UWM, you must fulfill certain requirements that give your education a broad base of knowledge and experience. Your General Education Requirements (http://www4.uwm.edu/academics/ger.cfm) include a Cultural Diversity component which is designed to increase your awareness and understanding of diverse identities. You’ll need to earn three credits in a course relating to the study of life experiences of African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, American Indians or Asian Americans. There are many courses to choose from! o The Sociocultural Programming Department at the UWM Union offers events, activities and workshops designed to increase awareness and understanding of diverse identities, cultures, lifestyles and worldviews. These programs explore and celebrate differences and commonalities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, spirituality, cognitive and physical ability, socioeconomic status and more. Check out their website (https://uwm.edu/studentinvolvement/arts-and-entertainment/sociocultural/) and like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UWMSociocultural)to learn about upcoming events! o Check out UWM’s unique Bucket List [link]! This list was designed by UWM students and includes a wide variety of fun and enlightening activities that you will want to cross off your to-do list before you graduate. o The Studio Arts and Craft Centre (SACC) on the ground floor of the UWM Union is dedicated to the education, enrichment and creative fulfillment of all members of the UWM community. The SACC offers engaging classes, workshops and events within a positive studio atmosphere, including topics like ceramics, photography, sewing, metalsmithing and screenprinting. They also offer open studio space and a variety of supplies for purchase, such as clay, film, inks and screens. Membership is FREE for UWM students. Check out the current schedule of classes here: https://uwm.edu/studentinvolvement/arts-and-entertainment/studio-arts-and-crafts-centre/ o The College of Health Sciences offers a wide variety of one-credit classes to help you round out your education by developing some practical and fun skills. You could take a class in bowling, golf, dance, running, karate, yoga, wilderness adventure, billiards, and much more. o The UWM Union Theatre (https://uwm.edu/studentinvolvement/arts-and-entertainment/union-cinema/) offers a wide variety of films including the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, Latin American Film Series, African American Film Series, French Film Festival, Nordic Film Festival, Turkish Film Festival, Share the Earth Environmental Film Series and much more. o Adding a certificate to your degree can broaden and enrich your academic experience. Certificate programs ( http://www4.uwm.edu/academics/certificates-nondegree.cfm) are offered in many areas, including American Indian Studies, Art Museum Studies, Celtic Studies, Community Organizing, Nutrition, Real Estate, Urban Studies and much more! Whether in the classroom, at the Union or beyond campus, UWM offers an abundance of opportunities to expand your mind and heart!