Study Abroad

“UWM offers a wide range of study abroad programs in countries all over the world. Some of those programs are okay with you speaking English, while others immerse you in a completely different language. Feel free to stop by the Center for International Education to find out more!” – Vic Oliver, Sophomore.


Investigate Study Abroad Experiences

Studying abroad is about much more than just visiting another country. It will advance you in more ways than you can imagine—personally, educationally, professionally, and socially. The world needs people who are educated about the world.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

  • Build your resume
  • Earn credits toward your degree
  • Meet people from around the world
  • Gain perspective
  • Explore the world • Experience different cultures
  • Learn another language
  • Find out who you are and what you believe in
  • Enhance your social skills


The Center for International Education [] is dedicated to providing UWM students with high-quality, safe, and affordable international academic opportunities that allow them to develop knowledge and skills needed to become productive and successful members of the global community. In partnership with UWM’s schools and colleges, our goal is to increase awareness of education abroad opportunities, to promote intercultural learning, and to advocate for diversity in participants and programs.

Plan to attend the Study Abroad Fair in September to start exploring your options!