Bus Adm 201 - Lec 401, 402

Tessa Sires

Hey everyone, my name is Tessa Sires and prefer the pronouns "she/hers." I am currently a Junior in the Accounting program here at the Lubar School of Business, as well as the Supplemental Instructor for "Introduction to Financial Accounting," or Bus Adm 201. In my free time I like to play the drums, go to concerts, and hang out with my dog Randy.

SI Sessions
Lubar N243
Tue: 1-2
Wed: 3-4
Fri: 10-11
Thu: 4-5
** To access the Online SI Session, go to SSC Tutoring/SI SP23 Canvas page --> Click on Zoom in the left hand margin --> Find Bus Adm 201-Tessa Zoom Room