Art 106 - Lec 201

Ollie Battista

Hello! My name is Ollie Battista (he/him, they/them) and I am a sophomore Art Education major. This year is my first year as an SI Leader for Art 106. I am excited to connect with students through one of my favorite topics, and want to encourage them to appreciate art and art history in new and exciting ways. When I am not working or in school, I enjoy practicing a plethora of instruments, taking care of my houseplants, cooking, and making art.


SI Sessions
Library E154
Wed: 11-12
Wed: 4-5
Mon: 5-6
** To access the Online SI Session, go to SSC Tutoring/SI SP23 Canvas page --> Click on Zoom in the left hand margin --> Find Art 106 - Ollie Zoom Room