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Ava Ladky

Hello, I'm Ava, a second-year student at UWM studying Journalism and Public Relations with a Spanish minor. When I'm not working or studying, you can find me grabbing a latte with friends, immersed in a good book, taking a walk or water-color painting. I love to create compositions, whether that's creating multi-media art in one of my many notebooks or choosing my outfit for the day. How one views the world is dependent on the words they use. I'm excited to share my love for interpersonal connection and language as a SI leader.

SI Sessions
Library E154
Tue: 1-2
Wed: 3-4
Thu: 2-3
Wed: 5-6
** To access the Online SI Session, go to SSC Tutoring/SI SP23 Canvas page --> Click on Zoom in the left hand margin --> Find Spanish 104-Ava Zoom Room