NWQ 1932 (Hartford Ave.)

Northwest Quad (NWQ) 1932 (Hartford Ave. entrance)

This entrance to NWQ is under this overhang and across from Engelmann Hall. It is on Harford Ave.–just west of Maryland.

Enter here and continue through the next set of doors.

Continue straight down this hallway.

After passing the overhead sign for the red elevators, take the next left.

This is where you should turn left. Then, continue down the hall.

Once you have almost reached the end of the hall (just before the Children’s Learning Center), the overhead sign will direct you to the right.

After turning right, continue down the hall.

Turn left when you reach these double doors leading to the parking structure. Ignore the overhead sign, as the normal hallway is blocked by construction.

You should continue all the way through the open area, as shown below.

At the end of the open area, you should enter this side hallway with two blue elevators. Continue straight past the elevators and turn right after the next set of double doors.

Continue down the hall until you reach the sign for the Student Success Center.