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“I joined a first year learning community when I was a freshman at UWM and I still see some of my classmates and participate in Mock Trial with my first year learning community with my professor. Joining a first year learning community really helped me connect with other students and feel comfortable approaching professors.” – Cassie Van Gompel

Join a Learning Community

College classes can be very different from your high school classes. They can be larger, require more work, and require you to participate in different ways. With this in mind, UWM created several types of Learning Community courses to assist first-year students with their transition into this new university class experience. First-year students will be able to register for these classes at New Student Orientation. Because we have such a diverse group of first-year students, there are a large number of course options within an incredible variety of majors, focused on unique class topics, offered in an smaller, more individualized environment. For more information, including a complete listing of the Learning Community courses, visit the Learning Communities page.

Bring your work home with you: Living Learning Communities, or LLCs for short, are a great way to combine learning in and outside of the classroom. Students in LLCs take at least one course together and live on the same floor in the residence hall. Think of how easy it will be to study for a test when your classmates are right next door! Students must sign up to live in a Living Learning Community through their residence hall contract during the admission process. Some LLCs are for specific majors, like Innovation House for Engineering and Computer Science majors, or for common interests like Community Leadership, where students learn how to create positive change in their communities through service learning and community service. For more information about LLCs, visit

  • Vampires, Baseball and Comedy…OH MY. . First-Year Seminars locate you at the center of the classroom during your first semester with us and invite you to take an active role in your own education from the beginning of your UWM career. These courses differ in several ways from others you make take at UWM. They are smaller in size and broader in scope, in the sense that they are intended to enhance your skills (inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, oral and written communication) and engage you in reflection about the process of learning at the college level. These transitional courses allow instructors and students to explore subjects of mutual interest, to talk to and learn from each other in spite of and because of their differences, to connect past and present as well as campus and community. Your First-Year Seminar instructors want to welcome you to UWM and involve you in the kind of intellectual activity that defines our work as scholars and teachers. Looking to explore a topic in depth, have an intellectual adventure, get to know an instructor, meet other students in a supportive learning environment, enhance your ability to work independently and collaboratively? A First-Year Seminar is for you! Take a look at
  • Not ordering before you see you the menu. Haven’t decided on a major or career path? You are not alone. Eighty percent of college-bound students have yet to choose a major, according to Dr. Fritz Grupe, founder of Another 50 percent of students will change their major at least once. Join other undecided or exploring students to better understand the career planning process and how to make decisions about academic majors in careers in Educational Psychology 110: Planning Your Major and/or Career.