Investigate Leadership

“As a freshman, I knew I wanted to get involved in my community in a leadership role. In order to attain this goal, I contacted the Center for Community Based Learning, Leadership and Research, and they connected me with the Emerging Leaders Program – a program with which I am involved today!” – Bronce Adam

Investigate leadership opportunities

Graduates from UW-Milwaukee are not only prepared academically to meet the new professional challenges that await, UWM also prepares leaders within the many professions that students enter into when they leave campus. To help you discover and develop your leadership potential it is important to prioritize participating in leadership development opportunities.

• Joining a student organization is a great way to be involved in leadership and develop your skills. There are over 300 registered student organizations on campus to meet the wide range of student interests. Eventually you may want to run for an officer position and take on a formal leadership role. If you don’t want to be an officer there are still many ways to develop your leadership skills. For example, you can participate in training offered by Student Involvement to develop new skills.

• UWM’s Emerging Leaders Program is a two-year program that guides students through six carefully planned activities which help students develop their leadership identity. Participants engage in workshops, retreats, internships, classroom learning and a mentoring program that helps to facilitate the personal development of leaders committed to community and social change.

• If you are studying business, consider applying for the Lubar Business Scholars Program. The program involves participation in a series of approved courses and a number of Business Scholars events that will assist you in networking with business leaders. The program also offers a number of scholarship opportunities and assists participants in connecting with study abroad and internship opportunities. Learn more about the application process and requirements here:

• The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research offers the undergraduate Community Leadership Certificate Program, which is an interdisciplinary program where students from any major can explore leadership theory, community organizing, the role of civic life and identity, and gain practical experience in community engagement and leadership. The program involves participation in a series of for-credit courses, as well as team-building experiences, community service, and a leadership practicum. Learn how to sign up by visiting: this site

• If you are living in one of the residence halls, consider getting involved with the Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC), which provides leadership and programming to the residential communities across campus. It is a great way to participate in governance on campus. Visit SHAC’s web site here:


• Fraternities and sororities offer membership not just for your college experience, but for a lifetime. As values-based organizations, they promote meaningful relationships, leadership development, academic scholarship, character development, and service to the community. UWM has 19 fraternity and sorority chapters to explore and find out which fits you best. Membership recruitment is typically held throughout the fall and spring, with each chapter hosting their own process. The recruitment process is a way for you to find the organization that is the best fit for you. Learn more about the fraternity and sorority community at the link below: